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A Letter From President Rob Goudie

Welcome Sisters and Brothers to our new ATU 1573 website.

As part of my election campaign in February 2016, I wanted to unite and strengthen this local, something that I felt had been missing for years. We have teamed up with Union Strategies Inc., a company that I feel is a good fit for all our needs. I’m looking forward to all the possibilities that can lead us into the future as a united group.

I encourage everyone to register for an ATU e-mail address as we will be moving away from using our personal ones. I’ll be working with Union Strategies Inc. to develop an ATU 1573 app for iPhone and Android users, where you’ll be able to translate documents like our Collective Agreement Form and other important documents into 50 different languages.

Once everything is up and running at 100% the new crew selections will then be available only on the website and app. As always, feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments you may have.

Thank you,
Rob Goudie
President- ATU 1573

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