Brampton Transit express bus coming to UTM

UTM is partnering with Brampton Transit to launch an express bus route from Brampton Gateway Terminal to the campus; it is a pilot project for the duration of the 2016–2017 school year.

By admin , 2015-2016

Brampton bus drivers asked to give up 30 minute unpaid lunch break

Brampton Transit drivers are being asked to give up their 30 minute unpaid lunch break, a move that union officials worry would increase driver fatigue and impact the health of bus operators.

By admin , 2015-2016

Brampton edging closer to transit strike

Brampton is edging closer to a transit strike as labour talks between the City and its union workers continue to stall.

By admin , 2015-2016

City of Brampton reaches tentative deal with transit union

It looks like a looming public transit strike in Brampton has been avoided after the city reached a tentative deal with the union that represents transit employees.

By admin , 2015-2016