Major Zum Route Extension Coming to Brampton

Major Zum Route Extension Coming to Brampton

Big plans are always in the works for Brampton Transit, and if you take the bus, you might be excited to learn that the city is on track to launch a major Zum route extension.

Brampton Transit’s express roster of buses – the Zum – boasts a total of five routes. There’s the 501/501A/501C Queen, the 502 Main, the 505 Bovaird, the 511 Steeles and the 561 Queen West. Now, big changes are officially coming to the 505 Bovaird.

It’s true – the 505 Bovaird will extend to Malton GO as of September 4, 2018.

This plan has been in the works for some time now. Over a year ago, the transit agency was looking at a few different options when it came to where to extend the 505. There were three options – Bramalea GO, Malton GO, or Pearson Airport.

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